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Momyeongjae Shrine

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Momyeongjae is a shrine that was built by the descendants of Dusachung, a general of the Ming Dynasty of China who came to Korea to provide support during the fight against the Japanese during the Japanese invasions of Korea in 1592 and 1597. Later, as a tribute to his efforts, the general was allowed to become a naturalized Korean citizen. The name of the shrine was created by combining the general’s nickname, “Mo (慕) (miss),” with the term “Myeong (明) (meaning the Ming Dynasty)” to express his longing for his homeland. Having recently undergone renovations, the shrine is now the first stop for the majority of Chinese tourists in Daegu.
Location 14-21, 525-gil, Dalgubeol-daero, Suseong-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City (Manchon-dong)
Bus Suseong 3-1, 100, 234, 349, 399, 449, and 990

Momyeongjae Shrine

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