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Beomeo Cathedral

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The interior of Beomeo Cathedral is 100 meters long, representing the 100th anniversary of the diocese, and is decorated in Romanesque style, characterized by semi-circular arches, with a modern touch.
Location 90, Beomeocheon-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City (Beomeo-dong)
Total floor area 27,769 m2 (8,400 pyeong); Four floors aboveground and two below
Major facilities cathedral (2,500 seats), small hall (500 seats), and performance hall (420 seats)
Other facilities priest’s office, education building, nunnery, and catholic history museum
Bus Donggu 1, Donggu 1-1, Circulation 2, Circulation 2-1, 234, 323, 413, and 509

Beomeo Cathedral

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