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CI of Suseong-gu

수성구 CI
  • The overall shape is that of a tile roof house, the traditional home of Korean families. Its roof-top shape represents the first consonant "ㅅ" in the title “수성구,” which is Korean for “Suseong-gu,” thereby symbolizing that Suseong-gu is a great place for people to live. .
  • The blue curve represents the enterprising spirit of the residents of Suseong-gu, while the yellow color symbolizes a city that values youth and education. The blue suggests the pursuit of a pleasant environment and high quality of life.

Mascot of Suseong-gu

수성구 캐릭터
  • Mulmangi is a character created to represent Suseong-gu. Its motif is based on Suseongmot Pond, which is a major location in Suseong-gu and a place where residents go to relax and recharge.
  • The head of Mulmangi, which symbolizes the pleasant and pristine residential environment of Suseong-gu, was modeled after Yongjibong, a popular mountain in Suseong-gu, while its shape, which is similar to that of a Confucian scholar’s hat, embodies the image of a city that emphasizes education
  • The name of the character, Mulmangi, is a compound word composed of mul (water), mang (hope), and i (suffix), creating an image that many people recognize and admire and implying the people’s strong commitment to realizing their hopes and dreams.

Suseong-gu’s Slogan

Suseong-gu’s Slogan
  • The initial Korean characters of Blissful Suseong (Happy Suseong,) have been arranged to form the shape of humans and smiling eyes
    • ㅎ : A person jumping joyfully – symbolizes happiness
    • ㅂ : A person extending his hand – symbolizes accomplishment and maturity (dignity)
    • ㅅ,ㅅ : smiling eyes (consideration)
  • The standard logo for Suseong-gu is a combination of the slogan and symbols, which contains messages. For the value of the slogans to be effectively communicated, the shape or the colors should not be changed and used according to the regulations.

Bird, flower, and tree of Suseong-gu

  • Bird of Suseong- Heron

    Bird of Suseong- Heron

    The heron symbolizes the elegance and integrity of the residents of Suseong-gu. There is a heron habitat in Gosan Palhyeon Village.

  •  Flower of Suseong– Rose

    Flower of Suseong– Rose

    The rose stands for beauty, passion, and innocence as well as Suseong-gu residents’ pride in their district.

  • Tree of Suseong- Maidenhair tree

    Tree of Suseong- Maidenhair tree

    The maidenhair tree represents long life and the solemn and tenacious spirit of the residents of Suseong-gu.

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