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  1. About Suseong
  2. History

Suseong-gu originated from Wihwa-gun (also called “Sangchonchang-gun”) during the Silla Dynasty. King Gyeongdeok, the 35th ruler of the Silla Dynasty, renamed the area “Suchang-gun” (also recorded as “Gachang” in other documents).

In the early Goryeo Dynasty, it was renamed “Suseong-gun” and became affiliated with Gyeongju in the ninth year of King Hyeonjong’s reign (1018). In the second year of the rule of King Gongyang (1390), a local administrative officer, called Gammu, was appointed to govern this district along with Haean-hyeon.

In the third year of King Taejo of the Joseon Dynasty (1394), when the Gammu system was abolished, the district was administered by Daegu-bu and later by Gyeongju-bu, and again merged with Daegu in the 14th year of King Taejo (1414). In 1419, it became affiliated with Daeguimnae as Suseonghyeonsa, and, based on historical evidence, was named “Suseongya” (currently divided into Hwanggeum-dong and Dusan-dong as a result of urban development) and designated as the main center of the area under the jurisdiction of the district office. On April 1, 1980, it was officially named “Suseong-gu,” with the rezoning of districts under the “gu” system.

On July 1, 1981, when Daegu City came under the direct control of the central government, Suseong-gu expanded by incorporating Gosan-myeon of Gyeongsan-gun. On May 1, 1988, Suseong-gu was promoted to an autonomous district; and since July 1, 1995, it has elected its mayor by a popular vote.

Historical characteristics of Suseong-gu

  • Suseong-gu has a long 1,500-year history.
  • As a major district in the region, Suseong-gu ruled Daegu and adjacent areas for 800 years.
    • Daegu (Dalguhwa-hyeon), Chilgok (Palgeori-hyeon), Seongseo (Dasaji-hyeon), and Wolbae-Hwawon (Seolhwa-hyeon)
  • Suseong-gu is the only one of the eight districts under Daegu Metropolitan City that has retained its old district name.

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