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(00:28) #Physical examination
(00:34) _Physical examination_
What a perfect special checkup!
# Advanced medical service
(00:43) _Disc clinic_
Do spinal, joint and endodontic treatment at one place!
# Disc clinic & rehabilitation clinic experiences
(00:48) Very satisfying disc clinic!
(00:50) #Disc clinic
(00:56) _Ophthalmology examination_
State-of-the-art equipment and excellent medical staff
#Ophthalmology examination
(01:08) The best brunch place ever! Cannot stop eating!
(01:17) #Daegu Art Museum
(01:21) Museum SOO
(01:25) So adorable. This is the hidden beauty of Korea!
#Korean traditional embroidery experience
(01:38) _Herbal tea therapy_
I feel healthier!
#Tea therapy & foot bath
(01:38) #Herbal tea therapy
#Korean Traditional Culture Center
(01:48) You cannot say experience Korea without wearing Hanbok!
(01:54) #Suseong Lake
(02:03) _Herbal skincare_
Can be more beautiful through Korean Medicine!
#Miso Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture#Lifting Course
(02:07) _Medical skincare_
The place of K-beauty experience!
#Skincare & anti-aging
(02:25) #Medical skincare
(02:30) Colorsquare shopping
(02:43) #Daegu Samsung Lions Park
(02:48) #Suseong Arte

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