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Healing Feeling Smiling

Leading District of Suseong-gu

Daegu is a city rich in medical resources with 350 years of history in the field of oriental medicine and a tradition of public health facilities that has been built over the last 110 years. Here, visitors can receive excellent medical services at reasonable costs and enjoy the cultural tourism opportunities offered by Suseong-gu, the economic, cultural, commercial, transport, and educational center of Daegu.

Suseong-gu offers specialized, high-quality medical services.

  • Medical checkup
  • Plastic surgery, medical skin care
  • Dental bleaching, dental implants
  • Obstetrical diagnosis (delivery, postnatal care, celioscope clinic, and sterilization surgery)
  • Arthroendoscopy, stem-cell therapy
  • Non-surgical laser ablation of thyroid tumor
  • Headache and dizziness clinic, ringing in ears and hearing impairment center
  • DaVinchi Bladeless LASIK, LASEK, cataract surgery
  • Medical checkup using Oriental and Western medicines, Oriental medicine skin care, Oriental medicine plastic surgery, Oriental medicine obesity clinic → Integration of Oriental and Western medicine in clinical practice

Reasonable costs

Reasonable medical costs in Suseong-gu

Medical institutions in Suseong-gu provide advanced medical services at a cost lower than that of any other region in Korea, rivaling foreign countries as well.

All other costs are reasonable in Suseong-gu as well.

First-rate hotels, foreigner-only stores, and restaurants on food streets offer goods and services at prices lower than those of other areas, giving Suseong-gu a competitive edge in terms of long-term medical treatment.

Suseong-gu Medical Tourism Call Center

The Suseong-gu Medical Tourism Call Center assists customers with all aspect of medical tourism in Suseong-gu and offers a professional real-time interpretation service as well.

  • Airport pick-up
  • Immigration assistance
  • Limousine shuttle bus
  • Hospital, hotel, restaurant, and travel reservations
  • Foreign language interpretation service for medical service and travel (English, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian)
  • Development and distribution of medical tourism package products
  • Video conferencing service


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