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Education System

The education system in Korea, in general, consists of six years of elementary school, three years of middle school, three years of high school, and four years of university (or two years of college). Attendance of elementary and middle school is compulsory in Korea, and thus is free of charge.

Foreign Schools

Foreign schools in Korea have been established to provide education for the children of foreigners staying in the country as well as the children of Koreans who returned to the country after having lived overseas for a certain period of time. Most of these schools are located in Seoul, Incheon, and Gyeonggi Province. Foreign schools generally charge higher tuition than general schools, and applicants must meet certain requirements for admission. In addition, many foreign schools require applicants to pass an admission exam.

Admission Qualifications

  • One or both parent(s) are foreigner(s)
  • Korean citizen who has lived overseas for three or more years (including people with dual nationality)

Admission Process

  • The admission process is carried out by each school independently, and thus the specifics of the admission process differ by school. However, the latest trend shows an increasing focus on screenings and interviews. Applications can generally be submitted year round.
  • Each school requires different documents for the admission process, but they typically require the applicant’s immigration certificate, passport, health records, certificate of enrollment at previous school, academic transcript, and scores on certified language tests in the applicant’s country. Be sure to check which documents are required by the school to which you are applying.

Websites of Foreign Schools and Educational Institutions

Foreign Schools in Daegu

Name of School Language of Instruction Curricula Telephone Website
Korea Daeguhwagyo Elementary School Chinese Kindergarten and elementary school 82-53-255-4273  
Daegu International School English and Chinese Kindergarten and elementary,
middle, and high school
82-53-980-2100 Daegu International School
Overseas Chinese high school, Daegu English, Chinese,
and Korean
Middle and high school 82-53-471-1422 Overseas Chinese high school, Daegu

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