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CI of Suseong-gu

수성구 CI
  • The overall shape is that of a tile roof house, the traditional home of Korean families. Its roof-top shape represents the first consonant "ㅅ" in the title “수성구,” which is Korean for “Suseong-gu,” thereby symbolizing that Suseong-gu is a great place for people to live. .
  • The blue curve represents the enterprising spirit of the residents of Suseong-gu, while the yellow color symbolizes a city that values youth and education. The blue suggests the pursuit of a pleasant environment and high quality of life.

Mascot of Suseong-gu

수성구 캐릭터
  • Mulmangi is a character created to represent Suseong-gu. Its motif is based on Suseongmot Pond, which is a major location in Suseong-gu and a place where residents go to relax and recharge.
  • The head of Mulmangi, which symbolizes the pleasant and pristine residential environment of Suseong-gu, was modeled after Yongjibong, a popular mountain in Suseong-gu, while its shape, which is similar to that of a Confucian scholar’s hat, embodies the image of a city that emphasizes education
  • The name of the character, Mulmangi, is a compound word composed of mul (water), mang (hope), and i (suffix), creating an image that many people recognize and admire and implying the people’s strong commitment to realizing their hopes and dreams.

City Brand

수성구 캐릭터
  • What is “injasuseong”?
    “Injasuseong” is a newly coined word that combines “injasu” (仁者壽), from Yong Ye of the Analects of Confucius, and “suseong,” from the name of the district of Suseong-gu.
    • “Inja (仁者)” refers to a benevolent person who is generous and enlightened.
    • “Su (壽)” refers to longevity and living a sound and healthy life.
  • “Suseong-gu” refers to a dynamic and healthy community, i.e. a welcoming place built by enlightened people.

Bird, flower, and tree of Suseong-gu

  • Bird of Suseong- Heron

    Bird of Suseong- Heron

    The heron symbolizes the elegance and integrity of the residents of Suseong-gu. There is a heron habitat in Gosan Palhyeon Village.

  •  Flower of Suseong– Rose

    Flower of Suseong– Rose

    The rose stands for beauty, passion, and innocence as well as Suseong-gu residents’ pride in their district.

  • Tree of Suseong- Maidenhair tree

    Tree of Suseong- Maidenhair tree

    The maidenhair tree represents long life and the solemn and tenacious spirit of the residents of Suseong-gu.