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Vision and Goals

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Suseong, City of Happiness and Dreams


To become the city with the most advanced
education and culture in Korea

Five Goals
and Ten
  • City of Safety and Security
    • A safe city, where people’s lives and property are protected
    • Comprehensive disaster response system
  • City of Global Talent
    • Increased support for education and cultivation of global talent
    • Creation of 10,000 quality jobs
  • City of Knowledge, Culture, and Communication
    • Establishment of an advanced library system
    • Promotion of lifelong learning and cultural tourism
  • City of Happiness and Vitality
    • Eco-friendly, livable city with beautiful woodland and clean water
    • Building communities that enjoy happiness, security, and health
  • City of Welfare and Shared Hope
    • Protection of the socially disadvantaged and promotion of harmony and cooperation in communities
    • Supporting the status and happiness of women